How To Create Payoneer Account In Pakistan And Get Verified By Paypal

There is a lot of people who work online and make money. There is lots of site who pay money like PTC freelancing ads viewing, BuySellAds, Amazon eBay and etc But some of them pay through paypal which is not available in Pakistan, while it is necessary to withdraw money from paypal in pakistan.
so I am going to teach you a trick to withdraw money from paypal even you can verified paypal account.


First you need to get verified paypal account to withdraw money from is very simple just follow the step given below.

Step 1. Sign Up Payoneer Account

Payoneer is a large money transfering service provider worldwide. IF you want to get your PayPal account verified you just have a Payoneer account. It means you will open a Bank account in USA through which you will verify paypal account in Pakistan , If you have a account on Payoneer it means you can create PayPal account without any problem.

You just need to visit Payoneer site and sign up. If you will sign up by given link you will get 25$ free. You just have to fill a form. Once you sign up, it will say that your card will be delivered at the given address so give your complete address and Full name as it is in your NIC, a Debit card will arrived at your door in about18 to 25 days.

Sign up for a Payoneer Master Card Now

When your Payoneer account is approved, you can excess to your Payoneer account by your username and password and you will also received an e-mail about US payment service, after some question your account will be created in USA within a few days.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Steps 2


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